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Apni Almari

Apni Almari is a social initiative that I initiated with the aim of fostering communal giving and reusing resources. The concept revolves around a shared almirah, where individuals can generously donate clothes, shoes, household items, and other reusable goods. These donations are then distributed on a weekly basis to a nearby slum, benefiting approximately 2000 people over the course of two years. Apni Almari serves as a platform that encourages the spirit of giving back to the community and making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.


Christmas celebration

children's day

Juice distribution




Since August 2021, our NGO has consistently carried out weekly distributions of reusable items, including old clothes, shoes, bedsheets, toys, utensils, and more. These distributions are made possible through the generous donations of individuals who have an excess and are willing to extend a helping hand to others in need. Our initiative strives to promote the concept of reusing and supporting the community through the spirit of giving.

During the festive season, the joyous spirit of Christmas filled the air, yet not everyone was fortunate enough to receive gifts. Recognizing this, Apni Almari, organized a heartwarming event. Children from a nearby slum were invited to create their own Christmas wishlists, and we had the privilege of playing Santa, bringing smiles and spreading happiness to their lives.

For the past two years, Apni Almari has been actively organizing events to celebrate Children's Day. In previous years, we arranged a delightful gathering where we screened their favourite movies using a projector. This was followed by lively dance sessions with music playing on the speakers, allowing the children to express themselves wholeheartedly. To further enhance their experience, we delighted them with their favourite snacks and scrumptious cakes, ensuring a memorable and joyful celebration for all.

The scorching summers in Kolkata, with temperatures reaching up to 42°C, prompted us to undertake a juice distribution initiative. In an effort to provide relief, we distributed 250 glasses of refreshing cold juice, accompanied by packets of biscuits, to the people on the streets of Kolkata. This endeavour aimed to assist individuals in coping with the intense heat and to offer a momentary respite.

In the spirit of Diwali 2021, we took the opportunity to distribute 100 beautiful sarees to the residents of the slums in Kolkata. This gesture aimed to bring joy and celebrate the festival of lights with those who may not have had access to such clothing. By providing these sarees, we hoped to spread happiness and add a touch of festivity to their lives during this special occasion.

During the monsoon season, our NGO distributed approximately 100 umbrellas to individuals in need. Recognizing the challenges posed by heavy rainfall, we aimed to provide protection and relief to those without proper shelter or means to protect themselves from the rain. Through this initiative, we hoped to make their monsoon experience a little more comfortable and help them navigate through the inclement weather with greater ease.

In the midst of winter, our NGO took a compassionate step by distributing 100 warm blankets to individuals living on the streets of Kolkata. Recognizing the harsh conditions and the need for adequate warmth during this season, our initiative aimed to provide comfort and relief to those without proper shelter. Through this act of kindness, we hoped to alleviate some of the hardships faced by the homeless population and contribute to their well-being during the cold winter nights.