Aanya surana

Annya Surana


cultural exchange program

My cultural exchange program in Hungary was an incredible adventure. Being away from home for an entire month allowed me to immerse myself fully in the experience. Meeting new people every day was exhilarating, and the friendships I built were truly special. Exploring new cities each day added a sense of excitement and discovery to the program, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

It was a remarkable experience. From draping a saree on my host sister to the warm reception from my host family, I felt embraced. Exploring Hungarian culture and cooking Indian dishes together created a beautiful cultural fusion that fostered deep connections in just a month.

The program in Hungary was a whirlwind of cultural sharing and connections. From presenting about Indian traditions in schools to showcasing my NGO, Apni Almari, to my host dad's colleagues, I had numerous opportunities to promote cross-cultural understanding. The highlight was hosting an Indian night, where attendees from diverse countries immersed themselves in Indian culture.

In conclusion, my cultural exchange program in Hungary was a transformative experience that enriched my perspective and personal growth. From independent travel and global friendships to financial responsibility and adaptability, I have emerged as a more confident, open-minded, and culturally aware individual, ready to embrace future challenges.