Aanya surana

Annya Surana




During my internship, I played a crucial role in ideating feminist content to raise awareness on pertinent issues affecting females. I honed my networking skills by reaching out to renowned and socially relevant personalities, seeking their insights to enhance the content’s impact. Additionally, I made significant contributions to digital marketing efforts by creating engaging reels and curating compelling social media posts. Furthermore, I developed proficient copywriting and copy editing skills through crafting detailed and well-structured book reviews. Overall, my internship allowed me to cultivate a diverse skill set in content creation, networking, digital marketing, and editorial work.


My internship focused on mental health and mental health support, I had the opportunity to delve into various aspects of psychology. I gained a comprehensive understanding of the different branches and scope within the field, deepening my knowledge of psychological principles and practices. Additionally, I received valuable education on gender and sexuality, exploring its intersection with mental health and well-being. One of the key takeaways from my internship was learning about the importance of addressing mental health stigma and promoting a more inclusive and supportive environment.


I held a dual role as a content writer and graphic expert. As a content writer, I focused on creating socially relevant pieces that shed light on issues such as the challenges faced by daily wage earners, the importance of literacy, and the struggles of farmers, among others. Simultaneously, I utilized my graphic expertise to navigate through a vast collection of images, skillfully crafting collages that effectively conveyed messages through combination, association, and pictorial relevance. Furthermore, I played a vital role in ongoing digital marketing initiatives, actively networking to expand our audience and drive engagement. My internship allowed me to make a significant impact by blending my skills in content creation, graphic design, and marketing to create compelling and impactful content.


I had the opportunity to shadow the social media manager, gaining valuable insights into their role and responsibilities. I actively participated in establishing content decks, collaborating with the team to help brands enhance their global image and reach. Additionally, I made significant contributions to social media marketing efforts by designing engaging posts, filming captivating reels, and scouting relevant topics for blog content. Through this experience, I developed a strong understanding of social media strategies, content creation, and brand management, allowing me to make tangible contributions to the overall marketing goals of the organization.